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Spine and Pathways

Our brain directs and controls the whole body. The impulses from the brain run through the spinal cord, which is embedded within our spine.

Between two vertebral bodies, a large nerve (spinal nerve) leaves the spine on the left and right and then splits (like a tree trunk to the large treetop), and the individual nerve fibres transmit the brain impulses to the muscles, organs and cells.

Our life impulses flow through

brain -> spinal cord -> spinal nerve -> nerve fibre -> organs / muscles

A prerequisite for the optimal functioning of our body is the smooth flow of data between the brain and the body, and here the spine can severely disrupt the system.

Malpositions, blockages, but also damage to intervertebral discs and degenerative processes (wear and tear) of the spine can narrow the exit points for the spinal nerves and thus impair the flow of data.

Depending on the severity of the disorder, the symptoms vary from e.g. paralysis, tingling, numbness, pain, occasional pricking or severe muscle tension. 

Since the nerve impulses also supply the internal organs, complaints can sometimes arise here as well for which no cause can be found in orthodox medicine.

function disturbed -> organ healthy

Chiropractic can often have a regulating effect here too. The primary goal of chiropractic is therefore to restore the normal function of the spine, to also take the pressure off the nerve and to give the body back the ability to regulate itself. After a few treatments, the spine stabilizes and the symptoms subside.