Your first visit

Make an appointment online, by phone or in our practice. If you have any questions or uncertainties before your first visit, you are welcome to call us first or send us an e-mail or schedule an appointment for an in person consultation (payed).

Medical history

At your first appointment, we will ask you to complete a medical history form, data protection and patient information form. This will include questions about your current and primary complaint, your state of health, and your past medical history. Please fill out these forms thoroughly so we can have a complete picture of the reason you sought us out for help. Please arrive 15 minutes before the agreed appointment, so you can take your time to complete the form.

If you have existing diagnostic images (X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.) or medical reports, please bring them with you., leave them at the front desk so that reception can upload images or reports to our system.



The purpose of the examination is to analyze the condition of the spine and nervous system as well as their function, to identify any subluxations or misalignments, to rule out any contraindications for treatment, and to understand the individual causes of your impairments.

The examination begins with a review of current and past medical history with the patient, a chiropractic examination, and review of any Xray’s, MRT, or special tests. This includes an assessment of posture, balance, mobility of the spinal regions, as well as orthopedic and neurological tests.

Spinal scan 

The Insight Millennium® Scan is a computer-aided diagnostic device for assessing the activity of the nervous system, muscle tension, and detecting potential vertebral displacements or subluxations.

The scan measures skin temperature and electrical activity on the skin's surface to Identify unbalanced areas where the body exerts more energy to remain stable.

Blockages in the spine, tensions in the muscles or misalignments in the body are detected and documented.

The examination is completely painless and radiation-free, making it ideal for children, pregnant women and senior citizens.


Consultation and initial treatment

Based on the examination findings and the duration of the symptoms, a personalized chiropractic treatment plan is discussed. During the first visit the treatment will focus on your primary complaint and involve adjustments of the spine. We focus on treating the entire spine, recognizing that individual blockages can lead to compensation in other areas of the body.

Chiropractic treatment  involve manual adjustments to the spine. The popping or cracking noise that may occur during adjustments results from the rapid movement in the joint and release of pressure.  The presence or absence of this noise doesn't indicate the effectiveness of the treatment, and is harmless.

 You will be instructed in home flexibility stretches and exercise to help support the outcome of the work we do in the treatment room.