Motion is Life”, if we stop moving we tighten up, we dry out and we lose function.

What I’ve learned through my work is that chiropractic can help restore and maintain this function, this motion in life.

 I started working with people about 24 years ago as a chiropractor. Before that I worked in Fine Arts, designing and installing art exhibitions in the San Francisco Bay Area. One day while delivering a large painting I fell backwards out of a truck, landing flat on my back and experienced the first low back pain of my life. I went to the doctor, had an MRT, took medication, tried acupuncture, but nothing made much of a difference to the pain I felt in my back. I was told I had disc protrusions at two levels in my Lumbar spine and that ongoing injections w cortisone was the only way to manage my issue now and for the future. I was 31 years old and injections multiple times a year was not my idea of healthy lifestyle. So, a friend mentioned a chiropractor he was seeing and suggested it may help me.  

The woman Chiropractor I went too, was open and direct in her communication to me about what chiropractic was all about. She told me about the spine and the nervous system, and how the body needs spinal vertebral motion to remain healthy. She was clear and confident that I didn’t need injections the rest of my life, that there was another way to mange the injury I sustained to my lumbar discs, and she was right.

Chiropractic did help me, it initially reduced my pain, it helped me find better balance and motion in my body. It helped me return to work, and to normal activities, and of course it helped me understand that receiving ongoing chiropractic treatment was the way to maintain a healthy back. 

Having that first chiropractic experience, feeling the adjustments that freed up the motion in my lower back, also helped open my imagination that I could use my own hands to do this work. This was my first ideas and  first steps to become a Chiropractor.

I’m sharing this with you because we all begin someplace with our individual body issues that lead us to seek out treatment that may help relieve the pain or discomfort.

So, this is the question, why are you here reading this? 

Do you have low back pain, neck pain, Headaches? 

Are you having numbness or tingling in your arms, hands, or in your legs? Do you experience shoulder, elbow, knee, hand or feet pain?

Do feel unbalanced, like your body is not working efficiently?  

Are you sitting too much, long days in the office, and feeling stress in the upper back?

Or do you have someone in your life, family members, or friends that struggle with any of these issues?

There are a lot of reasons for feeling stress or imbalance in the body, you don’t have to fall out of a truck like me to know this. Our daily life can be stressful enough.

Most musculoskeletal issues can be effectively treated w chiropractic, and there are residual benefits in the rest of our body as well , such as better concentration, breathing, digestion and posture.

Come in for a visit and see if we can help . If your issues are current, acute or chronic , we will listen and  find a way to work  together to manage the problem.